Silversquare Guillemins, with Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Liège. 

Culture Paradise. Every creation made by Jean Paul Lespagnard, begins with a personal experience. So, the designer set up his offices at the SQ Europe coworking space. As he was living the very concept, he felt the future vibe of SQ Liège. For an artist used to being submerged in the world of his creations, working on a plan is quite atypical : “When a building only exists on paper, it’s hard to imagine the view from the window.” Bridging the gap between imagination and realization, a playful wink to Naif’s close relation with artists, for instance, is the building’s entry. Vivaciously decorated with typical Liège puppets and local paintings, one feels like stepping into a local museum. Work culture revisited.

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